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Here at Steren Shop San Diego, we have a plethora of audio supplies for your home entertainment, office, or on-the-go needs. The Steren brand electronics are among the best in the country, and our audio supplies are no different. Below is a list of the different categories of products that we carry in the audio department.

- Speakers and Accessories
- Adapters
- Audio cleaning
- Microphone and Accessories
- IPod Accessories
- Megaphone
- Audio cable
- Earphones and Headset
- Plugs
- MP3
- Horn speakers

MP3s and accessories have come a long way with the introduction of iPods. We have quite a wide variety of iPod accessories for you and your favorite tunes. From a 2-way, 2-speaker, air suspension, portable digital audio system to a retractable USB cord. We also have portable speakers for other MP3 brands and styles, as well as a universal base with charger and remote for iPods. Our iPod accessories are among some of our most popular items as the quality is high and the price is much lower than most Apple store purchases.

We also carry dual flash-drive storage and MP3 players. These are great for anyone on-the-go. Not only do you have your music in your pocket, but also any digital documents or files that you might need to carry around with you.

In our earphone and headset category, we have over two dozen different styles of earphones. We carry top of the line Bluetooth headsets, as well as large comfortable earphones with sound quality for movies, and smaller, simpler headphones for bikers and joggers. Many of our headsets are compatible for either Bluetooth use, webcam and computer communications, or as regular earphones to plug into any headset jack.

Horn speakers can be used for public addresses and outdoor intercoms. We have eight different style of horn speakers, as well as different accessories for your various needs.

We also have a wide variety of speakers and systems not only for your iPod or MP3 player, but also for your home and car. We carry many items from a small piezo electric horn tweeter to a multimedia audio system with subwoofer and integrated loudspeaker. Additionally, we carry guitar amplifiers, subwoofer audio systems, and 3-way frequency splitters.

In terms of connectivity, we have the widest variety and best deals on plugs, jacks, adapters, and audio cables. Our wholesale prices offer you discounts of 25% all the way up to almost 50%. If you only need one or two, our single item prices are also a great value.

For those of you who like to keep your CDs in tip-top shape, we have three different cleaning solutions. The CD lens cleaner is our most basic option, but we also have a low-price manual CD cleaning kit. This comes with a sponge-wipe and cleanser to remove dust and fingerprints. For the most extreme clean, we also carry a semi-automatic CD cleaning kit that comes complete with an isopropyl alcohol tube.

We have a wide variety of audio supplies, accessories, and connectivity devices available online, as well as in the store. Begin by browsing our catalog today!

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